DutchMSP Peer Group

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DutchMSP Peer Group is a group of innovative Managed Services Providers in the Netherlands. We share best-practices, tools, research, insights and learnings between business leaders, sales professionals and engineers. Together, we are able to innovate and execute faster and create great relationships and have fun in the process!




vendor events/yr

Peer Group Meetings

Leadership Meetings

There is a principals meeting every three months. This meeting is exclusive for business owners and touches topics as Market Insights, Pricing & Packaging, HR, Billing and Sales. The meetings are held at different locations throughout the country.


Technical workshops

At least four times per year there is a technical session covering a specific theme or technology, such as PSA optimization, RMM optimization, scripts exchange, or vendor presentation/training. Topic suggestions are welcome. These sessions are for engineers and technical business owners and are organized at different locations throughout the country.


Industry events

A couple of times per year we meet (and party) at key industry events. A great way to forge relationships, deepen ties with our vendors and debate the state of the market with foreign peers.


Yammer network

All members gain access to a Yammer network for direct communication, discussions and asset exchange (scripts, docs, etc.) between MSP’s.

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